Pineapple Cheese Cherry

Pineapple Cheese Cherry starter dessert

Pineapple Cheese Cherry is a complimentary dish, which involves no cooking. The cheese adds the freshness, the cherry adds sweetness while the pineapple adds the sweet and sour taste. The mixture of all these flavors in each mouthful, makes it so different and delicious. These are made mini versions (with small cubes) to serve with pre-dinner drinks. 

The Pineapple Cheese Cherry was introduced to me by one of my best friend at a Restaurant named Ballal Residency, which is situated in Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka India. I was newly married then, and as newly married couple me and my husband were invited for the party by all my friends and that was the first time I tasted this yummy starter. My husband and me were so impressed by this mouth-watering dish that whenever we went there, we placed the order for this one without fail. Though its been so long but the movements still remains so fresh. 

Last weekend, I happened to go to the sea side, Brighton and the day was basking in the hottest temperatures of the year. There I saw a lady selling some fresh cherries at the station of Brighton, where July is the season for these sweet red berries. Immediately, thought of this starter and how can I not include this in my blog. Here it goes.........Dedicate this blog post to all my dear friends and especially for my best friend. 


1. Pineapple cubes - 1 cup
2. Cheese (light cheddar) - 1 cup (cut into cubes)
3. Cherry (fresh cherries) - 1 cup 
4. Toothpick - few


1. In a toothpick arrange the pineapple, cheese and then cherry in order and serve in a plate.


1. Alternate to the cherry, one can use even cherry tomatoes, which are very small and fits this recipe.

2. As an alternate to cheddar cheese, one can also use the cottage cheese that is the panner, if you dont like the cheddar cheese taste.

3. Can use the tinned cherries and pineapple too.

4. These can be prepared in advanced and kept in fridge before serving.

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