Modak is a the main sweet dish during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is very famously called 'Modak'. In other languages it is called Modakam, Modaka and so on. Modak is a dumpling made from rice flour with various stuffing, with main ingredients for stuffing being Jaggery, Coconut, Groundnuts and Sesame seeds. Modak is considered a hot favourite of the legendary foodie, Lord Ganesh, who is also known by the name 'Modakapriya'.  The offerings to Lord Ganesha is called Naivedyam, which not only includes the steamed modak, but also various other dishes. 

Adai - A healthy energy-rich Crepes

Adai ingredients getting Sun-Dried

Adai is a healthy, high-energy breakfast dish of Tamil Nadu, India. Adais are packed with fibre and protein, and are low in refined sugars. Adai is nothing but dosa or a pancake, which is a pure vegetarian crepes relished instantly. Traditionally, Adai is prepared in combination of one or more lentils along with rice soaked for sometime, whipped to a fine batter and then cooked on a pan. A similar dish, called pesarattu is made in Andhra too, in combination with rice and green gram.

Gurugaaku Pulagura

 Gurugaaku Pulagura Pulagoora wild greens curry
Gurugaaku Pulagura

Gurugaaku  Pulagura  is a mashed greens curry, which is tangy and spicy prepared with Gurugaaku leaves. Amma has a fond favorite to these kinds of leafy vegetables. She cooks these leaves and talks about its medicinal value. Usually the flavor associated with the leafy greens is sour. So here in the recipe, tamarind and green chilies are added to give a perfect balance to the curry. Garlic is cooked along with the Gurugaaku leaves to leave sweet flavor in the dish. Seasoning of course adds to the taste and generally pleasing. Gurugaaku leaves can also be cooked with powdered groundnuts for the nutty taste and for its nutrition quotient.


For Janmashtami/Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi, prepared this Murukku / Murukulu / Chakli. Rice flour is a main ingredient in this crispy snack, groundnuts / peanuts are added for that extra taste. The groundnuts are roasted lightly to give that extra crispy and crunchy flavor. This south-Indian addictive Murukku is almost forgotten snack in big cities, but its nutritive value is immense. It is a great after-school snack for the kids. 

Coconut Pal Poli

paal poli
Coconut Pal Poli

Coconut Pal Poli is a sweet prepared traditionally at homes when there were no provision to buy sweets while sudden guests arrived. No communication too were received during those days of their arrival. This was one of the snow-like sweet, which would come to the rescue. So this is such delicacy of olden times, which needed no prior preparation. Since jaggery was easily available during those days, this dessert was considered very superior as it was made with sugar. 

Hesarubele Payasa

pesara pappu payasam
Hesarubele Payasa
Hesarubele Payasa is a traditional sweet prepared with coconut, jaggery, poppy seeds, green gram and clarified butter i. e., pure ghee. It is a sweet porridge, slightly thickened to creamy consistency. This consistency is produced using ghee roasted raw rice as a thickening agent in this sumptuous vegan dish. 


mosaru avalakki recipe

Mosaravalakki is dished out of flattened rice / Aval / Atukulu / Avalakki along with fresh curds. The dish though famous all over India, called by different names, namely, 'Thayir Aval', 'Dahi Poha', 'Gopalkala' and 'Atukulu Daddojanam', is similar to Curd rice. In Karnataka, the dish is called by the name Mosaravalakki as this is made more common in the state and served for Gods as Naivedyam or Prasad. Mosaru Avalakki can be garnished with grapes and pomegranate seeds, which makes the dish more rich in appearance. 

Dal Baati Churma

rajasthan food recipes
Dal Bati Churma
Rajasthan's famous dish, Dal-Baati-Churma, a Rajasthan delicacy, is a meal in itself. The dish is a confluence of tastes – sweet, salty and spicy. The Baati is prepared with wheat and semolina, and then deep fried into flat rounds. The dal is a combination of five pulses called Panchmel Dal, Panchrathan Dal or Panch Kuti Dal, which is thick, hot and spicy. 

Churma Ladoo

how to make churma dal bati
Churma Laddu
Churma is a Rajasthani Sweet in combination with Dal Bati, which is a complete mean and famously called as Dal-Bati-Churma. In the meal, Churma is consumed mixing the Panchmel Dal or Panchvati Dal and this is the traditional way of enjoying the sweet. Churma ladoo is prepared with wheat flour or in combination with wheat flour and rava or sooji (semolina). The dish is also well known in the category of rich dessert as only the ghee is used in the recipe, which brings good health, as well as rich taste.

Panchkuti Dal - a Delectable Blend of Five Lentils

Panchkuti Dal

Panchkuti Dal or Panchmel dal or Panchratan Dal is a delectable combination of five lentils cooked together with the minimal spices. The Panchkuti Dal is a dish included in a Rajasthani meal of Dal-Baati-Churma. Dal-Baati-Churma is a meal in itself. The Dal used here is the Pachkuti Dal. The meal is served during the celebration times, be it marriages or festivals. The Dal is simmered in ghee where cumin seeds are fried and flavoured with bay leaves and fresh coriander leaves. The simplicity of the Dal is protein rich and taste is splendid.