Buttermilk is a dairy drink, got after churning the curd. It is an excellent thirst quencher, and gives the cooling effect and very refreshing during summers. The buttermilk can also be spiced up to get the taste. Here in the recipe a special ingredient, which is lemon zest/rind is added to the Buttermilk, which adds the flavor and makes the drink more nutritious.


1. Curd/Yogurt - 1 cup
2. Coriander leaves - a handful
3. Green chilly - 1 no.
4. Ginger - one small piece
5. Curry leaves - 2 to 3 leaf
6. Roasted cumin/zeera - 1 tsp.
7. Lemon Zest/Rind - 1 tsp.
8. Water as per the consistency
9. Salt to taste


1. Churn the cud with water (drinkable consistency) and salt.

2. Keeping some coriander leaves for garnishing, add all the above ingredients in the buttermilk and keep it aside for one hour.


3. The green chilly can be broken into 2 pieces and added to the buttermilk in the above ingredient.

4. After one hour just filter the butter milk and serve chilled with chopped coriander leaves.

*Instead of Lemon zest, can add lemon tree leaves if it is available. Just add the leaves in the buttermilk and leave it for 1 hr and remove them. So, only the flavor of the leaves and smell of lemon would get infused into the buttermilk.

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