Urad Dal Jamoons

Urad dal gulab jamoons
Urad Dal Jamoons is a traditional sweet dish, which is made from Black gram. This is an ancient sweet dish prepared by my great grand mother when any family guests used to visit home with no prior information of their arrival; as during those days there were no modern communication system available. This easy-to-make sweets was prepared  immediately out of Black Gram (dal) with jaggery (made from sugarcane) and also served as a dessert. The black gram and sugarcane was cultivated in the fields, which was easily available in abundance.


1. Black gram (urad dal) - one cup
2. sugar - 1.5 cup
3. cardomom - 4
4. salt to taste
5. Ghee

Cooking Method:
1. Soak Black gram for 2 to 3 hrs and blend it in the mixer with little salt (for taste) to a very fine paste without adding water (consistency should be that you can easily drop it in ghee).
2. In 1.5 cup of sugar add 1 cup water and bring it to just boil adding cardamom seeds and keep aside. This is basically the sugar syrup.
2. Fry the grinded paste by dropping like a shape of a ball or using a spoon too in ghee in medium/low flame.
3. Dip the fried ones in hot sugar syrup. Can be garnished with fresh grated coconut (optional).