Coconut Pal Poli

paal poli
Coconut Pal Poli

Coconut Pal Poli is a sweet prepared traditionally at homes when there were no provision to buy sweets while sudden guests arrived. No communication too were received during those days of their arrival. This was one of the snow-like sweet, which would come to the rescue. So this is such delicacy of olden times, which needed no prior preparation. Since jaggery was easily available during those days, this dessert was considered very superior as it was made with sugar. 

Main ingredient to prepare this Coconut Pal Poli is fresh coconut. Firstly, a dough is kneaded with refined flour, shaped into lemon size rounds, flattened into circle shape and then  fried in ghee or oil (like Lucchi, a bengali treat made with refined flour in the form of pooris). And then a sweet prepared with coconut and sugar is layered in between those pooris. Cardamom is infused in the dish for the delicate flavor.

coconut dessert


1 whole coconut or 2 bowls of fresh grated coconut
2 cups of refined flour or maida (also called as all purpose flour)
3 to 4 cardamoms
2 cups sugar
1 glass of milk reduce to half
salt as needed
oil or ghee for frying

Cooking Method:

1. Make a dough with refined flour adding  little salt and 1 tbsp. of hot ghee or oil. Keep it covered until we make other preparations.

2. Scrap out the outer brown layer of the coconut and make tiny pieces (if its grated coconut then make sure do not grate the brown layer). Blend the coconut with cardamoms finely into paste like without adding water (may be you can sprinkle little water if needed).

3. Then in a thick bottomed vessel take 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. Bring it to boil. Then add the blended coconut and cook until a thick mass is formed without it getting burnt. Once finished, switch off the flame. When it gets warm, its time to add already boiled thick milk. Now the coconut is ready to go as a filling. 

coconut snow dessert

3. Heal oil or ghee in a pan. Roll out the dough into small rounds and fry them. Take it onto a plate, spread the prepared coconut stuffing evenly and fold it. Keep stacking it up until you finish with the rest of the dough.

4. Serve this after the filling has soaked into the pooris.

1. The coconut-sugar mass should be  warm while making a filing.
2. Make sure to use the fresh coconut for the added taste.
3. All purpose flour or maida can be substituted with wheat flour or both can be taken in equal quantities.

hal obattu kai bobatlu thenkai coconut

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