Kulfi - A wonderful Ice Cream

Kulfi is a traditional Indian-Ice Cream with supreme taste in its  class.  It  is  a  perfect   Indian -  summer  dessert  and  the pristine taste of Kulfi can be cherished in all kinds of weather. Especially, if Kulfi is home-made, then it's more healthy & tasty! So, relish kulfi while cheering for your favorite team in Indian premiere League (IPL) of T-20 cricket.....:)

Boodida Gummadikaya Halwa

Gummadikaya Halwa is a traditional sweet dish. Unlike Carrot / Gazar ka Halwa, this delicacy is prepared with a Ash Gourd vegetable. The vegetable is called in different names like Winter Melon, Winter Gourd or the White Gourd. Gummidikaya Halwa is a dish of such astonishing simplicity that requires minimal ingredients with irresistible taste. In Southern India, the Gummadikaya Halwa is also called as Kasi Halva and mainly makes a regular appearance in traditional weddings.

Pepper Rice

Pepper Rice
Pepper Rice

Pepper Rice is peppy & hot dish and generally relished most in winter season. Black Peppercorns are mixed in rice to spice up and add that extra zing to the dish. The dish is also accompanied by a special ingredient - the sesame oil to neutralize peppiness and infuse rich aromatic flavor. Black peppers are popularly known for their medicinal utility and commonly used as natural ingredients  for curing cold & cough in many households.

Tamarind Rice

 Tamarind Rice
Tamarind Rice
Tamarind Rice/Pulidharai/Puliyogare/Pulihora is a sour sweet, spicy and nutty combination added to a rice variety. This is such an eternal comfort dish that it is prepared in South-India for every important occasion, be it festivals or in temples as Neiyedyam or Prasad. This rice variety is without the addition of onions and garlic, which some people prefer to take during their fast or festivals.

Ammani Kozhukattai - a spicy savory for Ganesh Chaturti

Ammani Kozhukattai are rice-based steamed dish tempered with some spices and grated coconut for the sweet-spicy combination. This steamed dish Ammani Kozhukattai is very popular during the Ganesh Chaturti to serve for Lord Ganesh. This spicy dish is prepared in combination with the sweet dish called Modak/Kadubu/Kozhukattai/kudumulu.

Menthya Soppina Bhath

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Menthya Bhath
Menthya Soppina Bhath is a flavorful rice of Karnataka, India.  In Karnataka, Bhath is associated to any rice dish flavored differently with different spices, herbs and vegetables. Methya Soppu is the Fenugreek leaves. The rice is prepared with the Fenugreek leaves, mint, green chilies and peas, and thus a green color is adopted with all fresh herby flavors. Though the dish Menthya Soppina Bhath is highly nutritious, it is also tasty when prepared in a manner combing herbs and spices.

Aate ka Halwa - Traditional Wheat Flour Sweet Pudding

kadah prasad, karah prasad, khara prasad, gurudwara prasad
Aate ka Halwa

Aate ka Halwa is wheat flour pudding prepared with pure ghee (clarified butter) and this rich-in-nutrition sweet dish ever liked by all - little ones to daddy's dad. Halwa is  healthy dish nourished with loads of carbs and filled with instant energy for long fun-filled day. This pudding is rejoiced in most parts of India during breakfast or mealtime along with spicy dish / savouries. Aate ka Halwa has enriching aromatic blissful taste and a good dose of this royal sweet is enough to awaken your senses. 

Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisibele Bhath
Bisi Bele Bhath is a soul dish of Karnataka, and prepared during all festive occasions too as its a one pot satisfying healthy meal. The science of creating perfect flavor to Bisi Bele Bhath, comes from the precise selection of spices, dry roasted and then crushed to fine powder. The important spice, called Kapok Buds, the Marathi Moggu, lends a perfect authentic flavor to this Bisi Bele Bhath. This Classic Bisi Bele Bhath should be creamy in consistency and during the cooking process do check for the water content.

Baby Corn Manchurian

Baby Corn Manchurian
Baby Corn Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese starter liked by most of them. Baby Corn Manchurian is also considered as one of the street foods of India. What a nice way to have the corn and veggies combined with variety of sauces that gives a lip-smacking taste all in one go.......!


Unnakaaya is a sweet dish of Malabar Origin. Unnakaaya dish is an authentic dish named after a cotton seed and thus sweet is acquired the shape. For the cotton-like thing inside the seed, grated fresh coconut is stuffed inside the mashed bananas and deep fried or shallow fried. In this sweet, sugar is added in a very small quantity as coconut and bananas accumulate the natural sweetness in this delicacy. Though any form of cooking ripe bananas can be considered to prepared Unnakaaya, a special type of bananas are used, which is called Nenthrapazham in Malayalam and available plenty in those regions.