Mavina Hannu Seekarane or Rasayana - a Mango Coconut dip

Mavina Hannu Seekarane or Rasayana is a dip commonly relished by the people of coastal regions of Karnataka, i.e., Mangalore, Udupi and many other parts, which is also known as South Canara Region. Coconut being the main cultivation in these areas, the recipe calls for the Mango pulp mixed with coconut milk and flavoured with cardamom. 

Mavina Hannu Seekarane, which is the mango pulp dessert is best relished with Neer Dosa, which is again a popular breakfast dish of the South Canara Region. It goes well with Pooris and Chapatis too.  

Mavina Hannu Rasayana is called in different regions with various names. This authentic dairy-free vegan dip is called as 'Amras', Ambyacha ras' and 'Keri no ras' in the Northern India. The way they flavour this dip again differs. Like in our recipe, I have added cardamom powder. One can also add nutmeg powder and dry ginger powder. This no-fire dip can also be converted into a refreshing mango drink keeping the consistency thin. If you find the mangoes not so sweet, add jaggery or sugar or honey to compensate for the missing sweetness.


2  Mangoes ripe
1/2 fresh coconut or coconut milk
a pinch of powdered cardamom
Jaggery (optional)

ripe mango coconut


1. Slice or grate the coconut blending it in the mixer and extract the coconut milk.

2. Wash the mangoes, then peel the outer skin of the same and squish it to pulp in a container finally discarding the seed.

3. Finally mix the mango pulp, coconut milk and cardamom powder. Serve immediately with Neer Dosa or Pooris and relish the dip before the mango season comes to an end.

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