Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi - Ridge Gourd Chutney

Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi is one of the traditional chutney of Andhra and now this dish has become famous in other places too because of its nourishing value. The Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi gives a real punch when served with every meals because of its fresh flavour. 

The Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi are made with ingredients, such as green chilies, raw mango, fresh coriander and of course the main ingredient being the peel of the Ridge Gourd. I generally peel the skin thicker than normal for this Chutney to add more taste. Raw Mangoes are added to give a sourness along with the salt, spice and nutty taste of the roasted pulses. During the off season of the raw mangoes, one can add tamarind too for the tartness. Chilies can be adjusted depending upon the spice levels of the its varieties. Of course fresh coriander gives a herb flavour and the colour it imparts to the Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi.

Beerakaya pachadi

1.Ridge Gourd - 1 no.  (wash and peel the skin of the Ridge Gourd and use the remaining ridge gourd to make a vegetable dish separately)

2. Raw Mango - a small slice (grate or chop)

3. Coriander leaves - fresh handful

4. Green chilies - 4 no.

5. Black gram / Urad dal - 2 tsp.

6. Cumin seeds - 1 tsp.

7. Oil - 2 tsp

For Tempering / Tadka:

8. Mustard seeds - 1 tsp.

9. Fresh curry leaves - few

10. Red chilly - 1 no. (broken into half)

11. Asafoetida / hing - a pinch

12. Oil - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat 1 tsp. of oil in a pan and add cumin seeds immediately followed by black gram / urad dal. Remove and place it in a bowl.

2. With the remaining oil in the same pan, add green chilies and saute for a while. Finally now add coriander leaves too ad give it a stir and immediately remove on to the bowl.

3. Once again, add in the same pan, another tsp. of oil and finally fry the peeled Ridge Gourd for about 5 minutes until the raw smell disappears. Remove from the flame and allow it to cool.

4. Combine all the sauteed ingredients, adding the mango pieces and salt. Now grind the same coarsely without adding water.

5. Finally, temper the Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi. Heat again 1 tsp. of oil adding mustard seeds and allow to pop. Add curry leaves, hing and red chilies. Pour the seasoning over the ground Pachadi and serve it as a side dish along with your everyday meals.

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