Aate ka Halwa - Traditional Wheat Flour Sweet Pudding

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Aate ka Halwa

Aate ka Halwa is wheat flour pudding prepared with pure ghee (clarified butter) and this rich-in-nutrition sweet dish ever liked by all - little ones to daddy's dad. Halwa is  healthy dish nourished with loads of carbs and filled with instant energy for long fun-filled day. This pudding is rejoiced in most parts of India during breakfast or mealtime along with spicy dish / savouries. Aate ka Halwa has enriching aromatic blissful taste and a good dose of this royal sweet is enough to awaken your senses. 

Aate ka Halwa is also served in Gurudwara (Sikh temples) along with other dishes for Langar, i.e the food (prasad) served in Gurudwara to devotees and also called Kada/Karah Prasad. This food come with it own divinity and comforting factor; that one can't miss enjoying it. Aate ka Halwa is suitable to any important occasions or festivities and easy-to- prepare sweet dish serving eternal satisfaction for ones sweet-tooth.

The light brown color of Halwa is brought by caramelizing the sugar, and then immediately pouring the hot water.  A garnishing with handful of assorted nuts (Cashew, Almonds) can be useful to add the shine and that natural nutty taste; but this is optional.  

I am sure you would be happy to give it a try to cook this dish in your kitchen and relish this delicious sweet with family & friends.

1. Wheat flour (preferably coarsely ground wheat flour) - 1 cup
2. Sugar - 1 cup
3. Pure Ghee (clarified butter) - 1 cup
4. Water - 3 cups
5. Nuts (optional)

Preparation Method:

sikh prasad, festival sweet, indian1. In a pot, bring to boil 3 cups of water. Once it attains the boiling point, keep the flame at low. 

2. Meanwhile in a thick bottomed pan, roast the wheat flour ( for about 5 minutes) until the rawness of the flour is gone and then pour the Pure ghee slowly by constantly stirring. Here the flour should be cooked well with the ghee keeping the flame at low.

3. Once the wheat flour and ghee is incorporated well giving a nice rich aroma, add sugar and give it a thorough stir.

4. Now add the boiling water slowly. (Be careful because the flour with ghee as well as the water - both are equally hot). Constantly keep mixing the pudding with a spatula. Do not forget to keep the flame at low.

 wheat flour sweet, halwa

5. Keep moving your spatula until the water is evaporated and the ghee leaves the sides.

6. Its done! Aate ka Halwa is ready to serve.

how to make aate ka halwa, recipe of aate ka halwa

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