Nimma Aaku Tho Majjiga / Green Buttermilk with Lemon Leaves

Nimma Aaku Tho Majjiga or Green buttermilk is prepared-most during summer season to beat the heat. Majjiga is a Telugu word for Buttermilk; also known linguistically as - Majjige in Kannada, Mor / Moru in Malayalam and Tamil, Chaas / Chaanch in Hindi, Phana Taak / Mattha in Marathi, Takra in Sanskrit and so on. Buttermilk is a staple drink and most commonly consumed in the southern region of country through-out all the seasons. This is an open secret that buttermilk is natural, healthy and nutritious drink. This Buttermilk drink is prepared by beating yogurt and blending spices with it. 

Much revered in Ayurveda, A glass of buttermilk has more lactic acid than milk; hence it keeps our Gut (stomach) happy / healthy and makes us feel better inside throughout the day. It may be a thumbs-up idea to gulp-up a glass of Buttermilk regularly; which guaranteed would not only improve your digestive system but also filter-out toxins from the body. 

Originally, Buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. This type of Buttermilk is known as traditional Buttermilk. Nimma Majjiga is made by infusing Lemon aroma in clear Buttermilk. Traditionally Lemon flavor is infused by using Lemon leaves  (use Lemon Juice as an alternative; but do not forget to try hard to get Lemon leaves, believe me its worth it!). The lemon leaves are not only high in vitamin C, but a natural way to assist the body in fighting infections. Lemon leaves along with curry leaves add mild aromatic touch, infusing a distinct flavor blast in Green buttermilk. 

(use Lemon Juice as an alternative; but do not forget to try hard to get Lemon leaves, believe me its worth it!)


1. Curds - 1 cup
2. Water - 3 to 4 cups
3. Curry leaves - 1 spring
4. Lemon Leaves - handful (alternatively if leaves are not available can add 3 to 4 tsp. of Lemon Juice)
5. Green Chilies - 2 no. (chop them finely)
6. Salt as per taste

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Spicy Lemony Buttermilk
In a deep bottomed vessel, add curd along with water and churn them with the hand churner, to and forth between your palms, which is traditionally meant to do the job. Add the curry leaves, lemon leaves and chopped green chilies to the churned buttermilk and keep it aside for around an hour for the leaves to get infused giving the flavor. Add salt when ready to serve and serve chill after filtering the leaves and chilies.

The thick buttermilk, adding equal parts of curds and water makes the buttermilk perfect to have it with rice too adding salt. Buttermilk is giving a tempering with mustard, cumin and curry leaves to get the ultimate taste. In most of the places in Southern India, Buttermilk is a must-have in daily food while also given at stalls in festive times.

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