Rose Milk

rose milk, bandung, rose syrup, dried rose petals
Rose Milk

Rose Milk - as the name suggest is a mix of Milk and Rose Syrup. Rose Milk has a mild rosy-flavor that makes lovely summer-time drink. This cool-drink can have a calming effect thereby reducing stress and anxiety. For many, this flowery scent cool-drink may give nostalgic kick with that extra soothing effect; that is no where compared to the modern colas. 

Floral beverage syrups or concentrates are most unique flavors for drinks, but among all the floral beverage syrups available, rose flavor is certainly the most distinguished, elegant and refined. In fact this a concentrate that can be diluted into variety of recipes, including, crushed ice (golas), drinks, ice creams, or any dessert. Rose Syrup creates a wonder when combined with Milk by infusing a royal flavor - leading to mild, pristine and just perfect blend. 

Keeping health and freshness in mind...I have used home-made Rose syrup or concentrate in this cooler. For making Rose Syrup at home, any variety of roses can be used preferably the pink button roses (small), which gives a nice rich texture and flavor when combined with milk.  Also, you can customize this pure rose flavored summer cooler with added whipped cream or may be a scoop of mild single flavored ice -cream , if you love to relish this drink with more creamier taste and not much worried about calorie counts :) . However, little ones will love this cool-drink in any form and it will keep them refreshed & charged-up in this summer heat. 

This is a perfect home-made cool-drink to relax on the couch and  cheering up men in blue during T20 world cup cricket tournaments. Go Ahead .....and enjoy !!!

rose milk
Rose Syrup


1. Dried roses - 1 1/2 cup
2. Water - 1 cup
3. Sugar - 1 cup
4. Rose essence - 1 tsp (optional)
5. Milk - 1 Litre
6. Rose Syrup
7. Ice cream - 1 cup (Strawberry or Vanilla)

Preparation Method:

1. Run the cold water on the dry roses to wash away impurities and immerse them in the boiling water. Simmer them until the rose petals have become soft and wilted.. Cool them and then strain the flavored-colored water. Discard the left over rose petals in the sieve. (In the recipe here, dried rose petals have been used. Fresh rose petals has to be sun dried and then taken to prepare this syrup).

how to make rose syrup
Making of Rose Syrup

2. In a pan, combine the rose-flavored water sugar and bring it to boil until the sugar is completely melted. Allow the syrup to cool and this can be stored in the refrigerator.

3. For the rose milk, in a blender combine the chilled milk, rose essence and required sweetness of rose syrup along with the ice cream. Pour in a glass and serve them chilled with  some ice cubes.

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Rose Milk

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