Classic Chocolate Truffles

Classic Chocolate Truffles are silky smooth-creamy chocolates coated in cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts and made usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape using Ganache. Ganache is a french word and made by mixing chocolate and cream. The milk cream and butter included in this recipe gives that extra smoothness to Truffles.  

The classic chocolate truffles are rolled in the cocoa powder giving higher rate of cocoa content in it. The cocoa solid present in the chocolate is linked to serotonin levels in the brain, which is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of  happiness. 

One of the vital content in this recipe is Dark chocolate, which is know to be good to consume as it has positive health benefits, but some people especially kids refuse this because of its bitter taste. However, when the dark chocolate combined with the cream, cocoa powder and nuts gets everyone's taste buds go ga... ga!!!


1. Good quality dark chocolate - 200 grams

2. Double cream - 150 ml
3. Cocoa powder - to coat the truffles
4. Butter - 2 tsp.


1. Chop the chocolate into tiny pieces and keep aside. Heat the cream in a container until the bubbles are seen. Switch off the flame. Add butter and chocolate and stir this using a wooden spatula smoothly until its well combined and set this aside to cool. This is the chocolate ganache.

2. Once the chocolate ganache is chilled down refrigerate it at least for 2 to 3 hours for it to get set to shape them.

3. Using the spoon scoop out little portion at a time and roll in the cocoa powder forming the round shape. Here the paper cups or a good quality foil can be used to decorate the truffles.

4. Work on the ganache quickly as it may melt soon. Taste this yummy finger licking truffles to heart's content or serve or gift them to your loved ones enjoying the precious movements.


1. Here cocoa powder is used to form the truffles. Chopped nuts also can be used here to shape those truffles. Hard dark or white chocolate coating also can be used. 

2. Good-quality liqueur can also be mixed in small quantity while making the chocolate reducing the cream by that amount. To personalize more, flavor of mint or lemon zest can also be used for a different flavor.

3. If making white chocolate truffles use the same quantity of ingredients except by reducing the amount of double cream. Otherwise it will be difficult to shape the truffles.

4. If making on a larger scale make the shapes of truffles using the piping bag to scoop out the chocolate ganache quickly and once set in the refrigerator roll it in the cocoa powder. 

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