Methi Poori

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Methi Poori is a mild spicy dish with a blend of flour and fenugreek leaves. The leaves when added in correct quantity gives a nice earthy flavor. Especially, while frying these pooris, the flavors of the leaves were brought out further. This makes a perfect meal for the family along with any side dish/dip. 

I am sure, most of the kids love pooris and they especially like it when puffed up. And when given their choice with added green leaves makes a perfect iron-rich meal along with other nutrients. The children are of course overjoyed but as mothers, you also feel a kind of satisfaction. Here I have paired methi pooris with yogurt based raita, which is again a healthy dip.


1. Wheat flour - 2 cups
2. Fenugreek leaves - 1 cups (only leaves cleaned and chopped (the stem has more bitter taste)
3. Green chilly paste or red chilly powder - 1/2 tsp.
4. Cumin/jeera seeds - 1 tbsp.
5. Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp.
6. Corainder powder - 1/2 tsp.
7. Turmeric - 1/4 tsp.
8. Salt
9. Oil for frying and 2 tsp. of hot oil to knead the dough

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Boondi Raita/Yogurt dip
Cooking Method:

1. In a bowl, mix the flour, spices, fenugreek leaves, salt and mix well. Make a well in the center of the flour.

2. Heat 2 tsp. of oil in a pan, and pour the same hot oil in the middle of the flour and allow it to cool down.

3. Once chill, mix the oil into the flour uniformly and make a stiff dough adding water little by little. Keep it aside for around half an hour covered.

4. Now make a uniform size balls (preferably small ones for kids) and roll it into a flat round shape. Similarly shape all the dough same way.

5. Now heat up oil in a pan, and fry these flat shaped round dough and here comes out the hot methi pooris. Savour this with any kind of dip. Here I have paired it with Yogurt based raita, where kids will love and nutritionally too it gives a balanced diet.


1. For Raita, whisk yogurt finely adding salt. Heat up a flat based pan and fry the cumin seeds until crisp in low flame. Once chill crush it and add to the whisked curd and mix it well. Add boondi kind of savory to it for extra taste. You can also temper it with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and red chilies for a hint of flavor. 

2. Here boondi can be added as it is. But if one wants to avoid the oil content in this, first immense it in a warm water. Once it soaks the water and leaves the oil, scoop it out and add it to the whisked curd.

3. Raita is curd based for a thick dip, but it can also be made with thick and thin buttermilk too, depending upon your choice and taste preference.

4. Add fenugreek leaves in limited quantity because of its bitter feature. 

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