Plantain Leaves Steamed Idli

Plantain Leaves Steamed Idli is something very authentic recipe. This is just the rice cakes steamed in the plantain leaves as the name itself says. The batter is just the same as the normal Idlies are made, but the Idlies showed here is packed with taste and aroma. It also wraps the health benefits attained to these leaves. The batter can also be wrapped and steamed in jackfruit leaves, as well as turmeric leaves. Sambar and Coconut Chutney goes a perfect accompaniment to these Idlies. You can give any shape to these batter like a plate Idli, glass Idli, cup Idli or a simple normal round Idlies. I already blogged on Kanchipuram Idli, which is steamed in the same banana leaves in the shape of a round plate, which is called plate Idli.

There was a guest visitor to my house who is a North Indian. She did not know much about the plantain leaves so much but wooved at the flavour and the texture of the Idli. All she knew was that the South Indian food sometimes are served in these leaves. I served her both plain Idli, and Idlies packed and steamed in banana leaves. She could exactly make out the difference between the two and she marked the Idli steamed in these leaves as excellent. I was overwhelmed by the response i got from her, as well as my hubby. My kid too enjoyed saying 'mama its so different'. 


1. Parboiled/Idli Rice - 2 and half cup
2. Black Gram/Urad Dal - 1 cup
3. Baking soda - 1/2 tsp.
4. Plantain Leaves - 1 no.
5. Salt to taste 

Cooking Method:

1. Clean and soak the black gram and rice separately for 4 to 5 hrs. 

2. Grind them separately as black gram blends quickly than rice. Blend both into fine and thick batter adding water. Keep it aside in a warm place for 7 to 8 hours for the fermentation. During cold weathers the fermenting time may take longer.

3. Once the batter rises and is fermented, add salt and baking soda to it and mix well.

4. Now Line up the glasses or cups and insert a small piece of leaf at the bottom of a glass or cup and wrap a piece of plantain leaves around the cup or glass. Pour the batter into half the way and allow it to steam in the steamer.

5. You can do the tooth pick test inserting and if it comes out clean then the Idlies are cooked well.

6. These Idlies can be served along with the leaves with Sambar or Chutney and relish.