Coconut Laddu

Coconut Laddu is an effortless dessert and can be made in just few minutes. My little daughter who is four years old loves this dessert and this time she enjoyed making it too.  Believe me the recipe is that easy! 

My little one did all the mixing in a little bowl given to her. As she was doing it, she could not resist and started eating little by little, during the effort of giving a shape for the sweet. After a while, and to my surprise, she presented tiny laddus to me and said ' mamma!! all done'. This lovely gesture of hers was heartening and made this Mothers Day very special to me. 


1. Dessicated Coconut - 350 gram
2. Condensed milk - 400 gram
3. Dessicated Coconut - 50 gram (decoration)

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Four Steps


1. Take the dessicated coconut in a bowl.

2. Add the condensed milk into the dessicated coconut bowl.

3. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly well and form into round balls.

4. Roll the round balls in the dessicated coconut meant for decoration.


1. The Coconut Laddus can be garnished with any nuts of your choice.

2. The chocolate rounds or gems also can be used in the middle of the dessert and then can be formed into balls. 

3. One can also used crushed mix of nuts in between the dessert for added flavour and taste.