Sambar Vada

sambar vada medu vada medhu vada urad dal vada crispy vada

Sambar Vada is a traditional South-Indian breakfast dish. The dishs' main ingredients are lentils, which is a good source of protein - a perfect start for the day. The crispy, fluffy vada alone tastes awesome, and if relished with sambar, it's a real treat.

The Vadas are given a doughnut shape since the vadas are cooked evenly. To get the desired shape, it's a matter of practice and the trick. Again to get the real crisp and fluffy vadas, it depends on the batter, which has to be very soft and light. These Vadas are also called as Medu Vada because of its soft texture inside and outer is crispier. The traditional vadas are flavoured with pepper corns. If savored alone, any flavour can be added like coriander leaves, curry leaves, ginger, cumin seeds, coconut pieces, green chillies etc., depending on once choice. Peppercorns are associated with lot of health benefits so here the recipe goes with one ingredient added i.e., only crushed peppercorns along with salt for taste.

medu vada traditional crispy vadas


1. Whole black gram/urad dal - 1 cup
2. Peppercorns - 15 nos ( crushed coarsely)
3. Salt to taste
4. Oil for deep frying

Cooking method:

1. Clean the urad dal and soak for around 2 to 3 hours in the water.

2. Grind the urad dal, into a fine paste in a grinder/mixie. Do not add water while grinding just wet the batter with drops of water for the grinder/mixie to operate. Add salt to it while grinding.

3. More fine the batter and more light, the vadas comes out fine.

4. Mix crushed peppercorns to the batter and mix the batter well.

5. Heat the oil in the deep frying pan.

6. Make the shape of a doughnut as shown in the fig and fry the Vadas.

shaping of vadas

7. For the exact shape I have used a cup, which I have put it upside down and placed a small round plantain leaf and greased it with water.

8. Now take a small lemon size ball and place it on the leaf, pat it and make a hole in between. Pat it such a way so that your finger prints cannot be seen otherwise it will not look neat.

9. Slip the shaped batter in the hot oil one by one and reduce the flame to low to medium so that its evenly cooked.

10. Be cautious while you slip the batter in the oil. First take it to your hands and then drop it in the oil.

11. This way you can make a perfect vadas for a perfect breakfast or can be relished as a perfect evening snack with coffee or tea.

medu vada festival favorite


1. While grinding the batter, if it becomes watery, then the desired shape cannot be achieved and also the vadas absorbs more oil.
2. Do not soak the urad dal for more than 3 hours as soaking in water for more time also absorb more oil.
3. Adding baking soda little to the batter may turn out crisp but this is not the method, instead beat the batter soft and light.