Broccoli Vadas

Broccoli vadas, Broccoli snack, brocolli vegetable with lentils appetizer
Broccoli Vadas are a great appetizer and can be introduced to the kids as well, as it has a lot of health benefits. Broccoli, as a vegetable is usually steamed or boiled, and used for soups and salads. But this dish is something above all  these, incorporating the vegetable with the lentils (black gram) and making it more nutritious. This ritzy Broccoli Vadas will wow! your family and friends, because of  the simplicity of very few ingredients that go into making this dish  delicious.

Maybe you've never considered cooking broccoli this way, but pairing along with the lentils yields surprisingly good results; also it enhances an excellent flavour, which tantalizes your taste buds. The recipe is especially for my best friend Deepa and her family. Once while having a chat with my friend, she had told me that her husband would relish anything made of Broccoli vegetable and asked me to come out with more recipes after I blogged on Broccoli  and Tomato Salad. So Deepa and Ram, here is the recipe of Broccoli Vadas. Try this recipe and have a great day...:)


1. Black Gram (Urad dal) - 1 cup
2. Broccoli Florets - 2 cups
3. Pepper - 8 to 10 nos.
4. Salt to taste
5. Oil for Frying

Broccoli vadas, Broccoli snack, brocolli vegetable with lentils appetizer

Cooking Method:

1. Clean and soak the black gram (urad dal) for apprimately 3 hours.

2. Crush the whole peppers coarsely and keep aside.

3. Grate the broccoli finely and keep this too aside.

4. Now grind the urad dal into a really fine paste adding salt. Let the batter not be too very watery. You can refer to the vadas, I had blogged previously.

5. Once the urad dal is grinded to a fine paste, mix pepper and grated broccoli to this. Mix the batter well so that the batter become light and vadas will turn our fluffy.

6. Heat sufficient oil in the deep frying pan.

7. Take small lemon size batter at a time and make a round shape and give it a pat. You can also make a hole in the middle for even frying, like I showed it while making vadas.

8. Fry the vadas both sides in low to medium flame turning it gently.

9. Remove the vadas on a kitchen paper towel and relish this alone or with a tomato sauce. You can also enjoy the dish with any dip of your choice.

Broccoli vadas, Broccoli snack, brocolli vegetable with lentils appetizer

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